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Five Reasons Your Business Will Benefit From A Mobile Security Patrol
Regardless of the size of your business, you want the peace of mind to know that your premises are secure.


Regardless of the size of your business, you want the peace of mind to know that your premises are secure. One method of security that provides a cost effective solution and peace of mind is the Mobile Security Patrol.

  1. 1. Mobile patrols are ‘regularly irregular’. A mobile patrol does not keep to a regular pattern, making it difficult for any lawbreaker to predict when they will be interrupted should they choose to be on or near your premises. Vandals in particular will seek to avoid confrontation but a thief is also likely to go elsewhere if there is a chance of being caught. The MonJon signage that makes it obvious a Mobile Security Patrol is looking after your premises also becomes an important part of deterring any potential criminal or vandal activity.
  2. 2. Mobile patrols are visible. The MonJon mobile patrol fleet consists of vehicles all clearly branded and readily identifiable as security vehicles. As they patrol on and around your premises and even as they drive the streets near your premises, they are a strong visual deterrent to criminal or anti-social elements. A mobile patrol on the spot is a much stronger deterrent.
  3. 3. Mobile patrols provide speedy first response. The key to controlling any incident is quick response. Property can be saved, premises locked down and personnel kept safe if specialized support services are on the scene quickly. Our mobile patrol vehicles are all fitted with state of the art communication equipment. With one of the largest privately owned fleet of security vehicles in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, MonJon’s Operation Management is capable of tracking every one of the mobile security vehicles through its own dedicated digital network. If an incident occurs, we can respond quickly. And while other visual deterrents, such as CCTV and alarm systems can give warning or evidence of a crime, mobile patrols offer the additional advantage of having a physical presence and being responsive to prevent further criminal activity.
  4. 4. Mobile patrols provide wider coverage. Mobile patrols have specific advantages for a business with large premises as they have the ability to cover a wider area than a static guard. And unlike CCTV, a mobile patrol can illuminate the shadows and cover any potential black spots. The area for coverage can be set and modified nightly depending on what is on the premises (i.e. there may have been a specific shipment arrive or new equipment may have been installed).
  5. 5. Mobile patrols are cost effective. Your security and peace of mind are not areas in which you want to cut costs. But a professional, well-resourced and technologically connected mobile patrol service can be a cost effective option for many businesses. We welcome your enquiries so we can find the best security solutions for your business and provide you with the peace of mind that comes from our services.

Safety In An Apartment Block

Safety In An Apartment Block

The Melbourne landscape is changing. Especially for suburbs along the train lines we are seeing less and less development and renovation of houses and more and more development of high-density apartment blocks. Once a homeowner needed to negotiate with the neighbours and the occasional street party, now it is all body corporate and association meetings. Living in an apartment block brings with its own challenges, and just as we learnt to secure not only our homes but also the yards around them we must also ensure that while the apartment is safe the whole block provides security.

Even before looking at a block, you should research the crime statistics in the area. You can speak to the local police or use the Crime Statistics Agency website (https://www.crimestatistics.vic.gov.au/). If you have the opportunity, speak to other tenants/apartment owners to get the best picture of the block and the other people who live there.

Always request to visit the block after dark. This is important to get an understanding of the effectiveness of the lighting within the building. A dark corridor can be scary to negotiate and make living in the block less pleasant.

High-density apartment blocks often utilize underground parking to lessen the impact of parking around the local streets. These provide security for our cars but we also want to know that access is controlled to ensure personal safety at all times of the day or night. Look at whether the car park is brightly lit and makes use of CCTV systems that have a wide coverage.

It is important to know how access is gained both to the car park and the building itself. Is it coded or keyed, and how many people have access to these? Is there a method of access if someone has forgotten a code or key? Does the building have a concierge service or is the entry unmanned?

When looking at the apartment consider the security of all the entry points – windows and doors. If the apartment has already been lived in, enquire about the locks and whether they have been changed (especially if renting). If you are buying it may be worth looking at changing the locks after moving in, as it is hard to know how many keys may have gone missing or if all existing keys have been returned. Windows should be checked for any sign of tampering. All windows should have locks, especially if the apartment is on the ground floor.

At MonJon we take all security issues into consideration. MonJon is one of Melbourne’s leading providers of concierge services. If an apartment has a MonJon concierge it’s a secure apartment block.

Cameras for Small Business – Not Big Brother but Safety and Security First

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