Cameras for Small Business

Cameras for Small Business Security

The installation of a camera in the work place can be a controversial subject as for some it feels like an invasion of privacy. But in 2017, a CCTV system is a key measure to protect the financial safety of the business and the physical safety of everyone.

Theft in the workplace costs Australian employers more than just loss in revenue. It can impact also have an impact the recruitment of new staff, cause staff morale to drop and lessen business efficiency by taking time away from other tasks. Australian Federal Police statistics show businesses lose $1.5 billion dollars every year to staff or former staff. In fact, the AFP found this represents a staggering 70% of business fraud losses. These statistics cover the entire business sector – it is not just retail businesses affected. Non-retail businesses suffer loss of property and, what can be more concerning, loss of intellectual property. These factors need to be weighed up in considering a CCTV system.

The presence of a CCTV system, both inside and outside the business premises can be a strong visual deterrent for criminal activity. While this has obvious benefits to prevention of loss of goods or break-ins, a CCTV system can also help avoid minor crimes such as vandalism. This has the added benefit of making staff more at ease when on the premises, allowing them to be more focused on their work. Making use of a system in and on the way to car parks also provides staff with a sense of security as they come and go.

Making use of a camera system can also assist in managing efficiencies in business workflow. By monitoring and analyzing the way staff works, operational models that make for better efficiency of practice can be put in place. Statistics from the American Management Association show that 89% of businesses inform their employees of video monitoring. These businesses report a general increase in employee productivity, as it appears this gives employees the opportunity to be more responsible and productive. So, knowing they are being watched doesn’t make employees feel downtrodden. It can actually motivate them to perform better and increase productivity.

Workplace bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace continue to be issues all businesses need to deal with through policy and action. A CCTV system can help to create a culture of safety within the workplace, as every staff member will know there would be potential evidence to support any claim.

MonJon’s Electronic Division can provide you with the information you need for an effective CCTV system. Our expert team members have knowledge across all systems and can give advice on the use of both day and night (infra-red) cameras. While he cost of installing a system would have once precluded many small businesses from considering CCTV, there are a number of options to suit a range of budgets, including web based remote access systems and virtual guarding systems that make use of iPhone or iPad functionality.